2018 Primary Voters Guide

Primary Election Day is May 8, 2018
      See the Holmes County Board of Elections page for details

(Candidates are listed in alphabetical order)

 OFFICE   * indicates incumbent 
 Governor & Lieutenant Governor  Mike DeWine & Jon Husted (Endorsed by
  the Holmes County Republican Central Committee)  
   Mary Taylor & Nathan D. Estruth
 Attorney General  Dave Yost
 Auditor of State  Keith Faber
 Secretary of State  Frank LaRose
 Treasurer of State  Sandra O'Brien
   Robert Sprague
 U.S. Senator  Melissa Ackison
   Don Elijah Eckhart
   Mike Gibbons
   Dan Kiley
   Jim Renacci
   Timothy A. Pinion - (Write- in)
 Representative to Congress (7th District)  Bob Gibbs *
   Patrick J. Quinn
   Terry Robertson
 Justice of the Supreme Court  Craig Baldwin
 Justice of the Supreme Court  Mary DeGenaro *
 Judge of the Court of Appeals (5th District)  John W. Wise *
 Judge of the Court of Appeals (5th District)  Andrew King
 Member of State Central Committee, Man (22nd District)  William G. Batchelder *
 Member of State Central Committee, Man (31st District)  Jim Aslanides
   Clifford R. Clore
   Douglas S. Wills
 Member of State Central Committee, Woman (22nd District)    Sharon A. Ray *
 Member of State Central Committee, Woman (31st District)  Betty D. Montgomery *
   Joy Padgett
 State Senator (31st District)  Jay Hottinger *
 State Representative (70th District)  Darrell D. Kick *
 State Representative (98th District)  Mark D. Behrendt
   Shane N. Gunnoe
   Larry V. Hawthorne
   Brett Hudson Hillyer
   Greg Ress
 County Commissioner  Rob Ault *
 County Auditor  Jackie McKee *
 Member of County Central Committee (Republican)  One in each precinct 
 001 Berlin North  Wes Schmucker *
 002 Berlin South  No Declaration of Candidacy Filed
 003 Clark Township  No Declaration of Candidacy Filed
 004 Hardy Precinct  Mark Baserman Jr
 005 Millersburg East  Ray Eyler *
 006 Millersburg West  Rob Hovis
 007 Prairie Township  Dale Wolboldt *
 008 Killbuck Township  Woodrow E. Wilson *
 009 Knox Township  Randy Sponseller
 010 Mechanic Township  Dan Jackson
 012 Monroe Township  Jon T. Mast *
 013 Paint Township  Matt Johnson
 014 Richland Township  Lester Gray *
 015 Ripley Township  Jane Graven *
 016 Saltcreek Township  Tim Zimmerly *
 017 Walnut Creek Township  Joe Varga *
 018 Washington Township  Jody Gibbs
 1) State Issue 1 - Proposed Constitutional Amendment
 Congressional Redistricting
 2) Garaway Local School District
      -- Additional 3 Mills for 10 years  
 Emergency Requirements
 3) Garaway Local School District
      -- Substitute 5.8 mills continuing
 Necessary requirements